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Annual Scarves For The Homeless Project

Each year in Autumn is the start of our new year's "Scarves For Homeless Folks" project.   Special thanks to Fabmo.org for their substantial fleece donations and support for our project!


We collect anti-pill fleece remnants in darker colors and camo pattern (shows less dirt) all year long and then cut in roughly 12" widths of full width of fabric which is 72", and serge the edges to dress it up a bit. We look at each piece of remnant and divide the pieces into approx 12"x72" pieces.


Fleece will not unravel, but it holds up better if you serge the edges. Then we divide up the done ones between our sewing group's volunteers who give them directly to homeless folks wherever they meet them in need. No non-profit do-gooder agency overhead, just our work given straight to those who need it.


You can do this where you live too! Help lend a hand and give out the scarves you make in your own town. JoAnn Fabrics puts fleece on sale pretty cheap at this time of year, so if you have no spare remnants handy

- if you go purchase some - it should not cost you much.

View A Basic How-To Serge Fleece here
How to make scarves with sewing machine and scissors



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