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Lanyards $8.00 each includes USPS shipping and handling to Continental USA only. Paypal Accepted.


Our lanyards are made individually and are not available in multiples of the same pattern.


Each photo represents the actual lanyard being sold. 


Patterns change all the time as fabrics are available.

So if you see one you really like, buy it today.


Each lanyard is 100% cotton.


Order by unique product number as shown.

Bluestone Lanyard   Lanyard Flag35331   Green Gold Stars Lanyard135400   Lanyard-HL-RG135152


Bluestone Lanyard35133
Price: $8.00



Flag Lanyard35331
Price: $8.00



Green Gold Stars


Price: $8.00



Red Gold Stars


Price: $8.00

MK Lanyard 135208   Lanyard Sealife135439   SW Robins Lanyard 35239.jpg   Teal Flan Lanyard135459.jpg


MarioKart Lanyard MK135208
Price: $8.00



Sealife Lanyard135439
Price: $8.00



SW Robins Lanyard 35239
Price: $8.00



Teal Flan Lanyard135459
Price: $8.00


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